Only You

short fiction / 2009 / 15min / 35mm

In a totalitairian gray gloom world, Harry van Dam, a lonesome worker at an emotion regulating pill factory, is being pressured by his boss to come up with results or risk degradation. At home he finds comfort in his pet turtle. when Van Dam finally finds the courage to stand up to his boss he unknowingly sets in motion the events that will eventually set him free.

cast: Wigbolt Kruyver, Kees Prins, Bert Bunschoten, Ria Marks and Wimie Wilhelm
director: Willem Baptist screenplay: Rinske Verberg and Willem Baptist director of photography: Peterjan van der Burgh production design: Ben Zuydwijk sound: Cees van der Knaap editor: Albert Markus soundmix: Ranko Paukovic composer: Trian Kayhatu producer: Mete Gümürhan and Willem Baptist

Netherlands Film Festival 2009 *Debut Competition*, 38th Rotterdam International Film Festival, 40th Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist *nom. Best Debut Short*, Sopot Film Festival – World Shorts section, Riga International Film Forum “Arsenals”